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Connecting those in need

We are aware of the necessity of superstition in certain cultures. Psychic readings have been shown to drastically improve upon the mental health of those who indulge.

Purple world Psychics – Katherine

How I knew I was a psychic

Since a young age I always had a hunch that there was something different about me than other children. On my 9th birthday we were supposed to go out for dinner to a particular restaurant with the family. I felt something was off. I pretended to be too sick to go. I was perfectly fine, I wasn’t actually sick. It was just a deep gut wrenching feeling telling me to stay home. That night there was a psychotic man who stabbed multiple people in that restaurant. From then on my life changed, later down the like I developed the additional ability to medium with the spirit world. It’s both a gift and a curse to be a medium and clairvoyant.